Matlab is an indispensable tool for all those who study statistics. You can use Matlab to study several types of statistics, such as Time trends, Sales, Manufacturing, etc. Before getting started with a Matlab assignment, it is important that you first understand the various options available. To help you out with this, the following information will be presented:

Know and use the right parameter name or option. The matlab help system enables you to enter a data set or a series of data into a Matlab notebook and this in turn generates a plot or image. For example, if you are going to study the productivity of a company or if you want to study the time trends over a specific time period, you simply select the option “plot” Website from the menu of your Matlab notebook. Once you have done so, you have initiated the plotting process.

It is also possible to drag and drop data from one worksheet to another. For instance, if you are going to study sales trends over a particular time frame, you can move the x-axis plot from month to month or quarter to quarter. This option allows you to study the trends in data independently. You can also easily change the data plot by selecting the appropriate option from the matlab notebook menu. For example, if you want to add another data plot to the main plot, you can drag and drop the item to the desired location.

Know and learn about all the tools available to you within the matlab environment. Matlab is equipped with numerous powerful analysis and reporting facilities, which you can use to analyze your data. The matlab environment includes plots, maps, bar charts, histograms, and so on. In order to explore the data, you can use all these features together with matlab visual basic editor. A good example is when you want to create bar charts of monthly sales for a certain period of time.

Create your own figure from several existing ones. Knnclassify has a powerful option, called “load data into figure” which allows you to either save the data in a file, or load it into Knnclassify, saving it as a previously saved figure. You can also use the “print data” option to print figures that you have already created. You can also print figures that you have just imported from an external source.

Get help from the many features present in Knnclassify. One of the most useful features is the option of dragging and dropping figures, which lets you change their location, title, or label. There are also many charting options available, which makes the presentation of your data quite impressive. You can even adjust the color scheme of your figures, or overlay different effects. Knnclassify also comes with an extensive graphing library, which enables you to create nice looking graphs or scatter plots.

Easily import data from some sources. The matlab environment includes an exporter which lets you easily import figures from other excel worksheets, CSV files, or SQL files. If the source document is in raster format, you can downsample it to reduce its size. Importing data this way is fast and easy. You can also choose to display only summary of all the imported data, which is particularly useful if you are analyzing a series of data.

Use matlab help with a little creativity. Rather than using the matlab help function straight out of the box, get your head spinning with some of the cool ways you can customize the output of the help. Some of the custom options include customizing the font style, or even customizing the colors for your data visualizations. There are many more options, and matlab comes with almost every feature you will ever need to help with your project. Take advantage of matlab’s great features and start analyzing your data right away!